Dutch webshop owners ready for Amazon?

February 14, 2020

Dutch webshop owners ready for Amazon?
Amazon is coming to The Netherlands and this means that customer can buy their products cheaper than ever before. But what about the eCommerce webshop owners? Are they doomed to fail or is it a big opportunity to earn even more sales?

Get the most benefit from Amazon

Most of the eCommerce entrepreneurs are thinking of the downside of the entry of Amazon, nevertheless, aren’t there more benefits for you than disadvantages?
Why thinking of Amazon as a competitor as you can use it as an extra selling point?
Amazon is the biggest eCommerce player worldwide, so you can probably reach many more people than you are reaching now. So if you are selling your products for the right price this is a possibility to go through the roof with your sales.
Even more, marketplaces to sell your products!
Normally eCommerce webshop owners use the most populate Marketplaces in the Nederlands like: Bol.com, Coolblue and Google Shopping. Webshop owners can now use a fourth marketplace to sell their products, Amazon.nl.
A small disadvantage of Amazon is that you are paying €39,- a month just to be able the sell your products on Amazon. So if you do not sell any products you still have to pay €39,-. So be sure that you have the right price strategy.

Always the lowest price when selling on Amazon.

As the owner of an e-commerce webshop, you naturally want to get the most profit. But how do you ensure that you offer the best prices on Amazon? Amazon is too big to go through all competitors who sell the same products as you. But how can you ensure that you have the best prices, even when your competitors lower some products?

How do you ensure the lowest price on Amazon?

Why don’t you connect your webshop with Amazon so that all your products are available on Amazon? When your webshop is connected to Amazon, you must also connect your webshop to a competitor Price Tracker.

That way your prices will always be better than your competition. This means that you can also sell your products on Amazon for the lowest price.

And as you know, online customers are always looking for the best price.

Amazon → Your E-commerce webshop → Pricesearch.

Fortunately if you do not do all this manually. You can ensure that you always automatically offer the products for the best price. By linking your webshop to Amazon you ensure that your products can be found on Amazon. If you also integrate your webshop with Pricesearch, you can ensure that your products are always offered at the best price through Dynamic Pricing (Repricing).

Curious how it works? Click below for a 14-day free trial and try it for yourself.

Black Friday & Cyber Monday, make way for Amazon Prime Day!

You have definitely heard of Black Friday or Cyber Monday. These days almost all of the products are sold with a big discount. ideal for bargain hunters. But did you know that the Amazon Prime Day was more successful last year than both Black Friday and Cyber Monday?
So Amazon is ready for The Netherlands and customers are ready for Amazon. The most important question are you as eCommerce webshop owner ready for Amazon?

Sell your products through Amazon.

If you want to sign up to become a selling partner for Amazon you can do that since 15-01-2020. The only problem is that there are still only e-books on Amazon.nl, Amazon is working to implement other categories as well.
Do you want to sign up so you can sell your products on Amazon? You can register through this link.