Competitor Price Tracker

Pricesearch enables you to automatically track your competition. You’ll receive updates regarding the prices of your competitors’ products. Try Pricesearch 14 days for free.

price tracker

Monitor prices of your competitors

Stop wasting time manually adjusting and updating price changes. Pricesearch automatically checks the competitors of your webshop and immediately calculates the price differences. All your competitors’ prices on your screen. 

price monitoring

Find competitors via AutoMatch

You decide which webshops our price tracker will monitor. Tell us who your competitors are and we do the rest. In case you don’t exactly know who your competitors are, just enable our Automatch function. Simply add your products, our price tracker will find any competitor. 

Integrate Pricesearch with your shop in a few clicks.

Integrate your webshop with Pricesearch. As a result, all products from your webshop are automatically synchronized to Pricesearch. Pricesearch already has a integration for the most popular platforms. 

Setup your account without any technical knowledge

You don’t have to be a whiz kid to use Pricesearch. Create an account and get started right away. 

Price history

Get detailed insights in price history of your competitors. 

Mark your favorite products

Mark your fast movers as favorite. 

E-mail reports

Receive detailed reports in your inbox whenever you want.

Advanced import options

CSV import, API, integration; import your product easily.

Pricesearch is built for you.

Work smarter, do more in less time. Discover how Pricesearch makes you more productive and how it helps you get the most out of your workday.

online retailers

Online retailers & Webshops

Automatically monitor the prices of other webshops without the hassle of Excel sheets and manual work. 

retailers and wholesalers


Have accurate insight into the prices in your market and know exactly what price you can ask for your products.

brand managers

Brand managers

Know exactly what prices your dealers and resellers ask for your products and monitor your brand.

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