Reveal unknown competitors with AutoMatch

Not sure who your competitors are? Turn on the AutoMatch feature and discover your competition in your country.


Products from specific sellers

With AutoMatch you always know who’s selling the same products as you do. You also immediately see the prices of these competitors and you can see whether the product is in stock.

price monitoring

State of the art algorithm

Matching products automatically is not an easy task. We are able to match products in most situations. If the product has an EAN, SKU, MPN number, chances are huge that we can match it quickly. In some industries we can also match by article name or other characteristics.

Patience buys time

AutoMatch is an automated process. Some products are easy to match and results could appear in minutes. Sometimes it takes more time to find the perfect method to AutoMatch a specific website. We put a lot of effort and time to configure so we can buy back your time. 


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