Price Monitoring Software
for Online Retailers

Discover the prices of your competitors, hassle-free.

online retailers

Competitor price tracker

Stop wasting time manually adjusting and updating price changes, discover the power of our automated price tracking software

brand managers

Dynamic pricing

Have your prices updated automatically based on your pricing rules and changes in the market.

It’s time to upgrade the way you track & adjust prices.

With Pricesearch you are always in control of your prices. Keep an eye on price changes at competitors and marketplaces and increase your sales opportunities with the help of dynamic pricing.

Automated price tracking

Keep an eye on the prices of your competitors.

Automated repricing

Adjust your prices automatically based on your pricing rules and developments in the market.

Discover competitors

Find out who your competitors are and keep an eye on the competitors in marketplaces.

Plug & Play integrations

Pricesearch connects with almost all major ecommerce platforms, such as Magento, Shopify and WooCommerce.

Plug & Play integration with your webshop

Have your prices updated automatically in your webshop and synchronize your assortment with Pricesearch. You can start immediately with the integration of Pricesearch.

How it works

Getting started is easy. 

add products

Add your products and competitors. If you don’t know who your competitors are, enable AutoMatch to reveal them. 


Our automated bots starts scanning and in some cases, our team makes manual adjustments to scan your competitors’ websites. 


The first results are often within a few hours. We ensure that you always have a complete overview within 3 – 5 workdays.

Marketing Guide for Online Retailers

The 3 core elements of a succesful online retail business.

What are the three factors that make web stores successful? This whitepaper provides insight in how you can turn your web store into a gold mine.

Marketing Guide for Online Retailers

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