Does your webstore invite visitors?

by | Sep 6, 2019 | Pricing strategy, Webstore

Does your webstore invite visitors?

How many visitors does your webstore have? And how much knowledge do you have about your webstore? These are not weird questions. For many webstore-owners, the webstore itself is the main difficulty, which is a shame because that’s the place where it all happens! So how do you attract more visitors to your webstore?

The possibilities are usually endless, but an often occurring issue is outsourcing the design of your webstore. This is logical, since not everyone has the knowledge to build a webstore. However, it is very important to be involved with the proces, or at least receive a good training in the software/backend environment. You’ll be able to tweak the webstore more to your personal taste, which will be good for more traffic on your webstore. Also, you’ll learn more about SEO.

Data, data, data

Standard statistics provided by webstorepackages like Lightspeed, Magento etc. usually give a basic insight in what happens in your webstore and what the visitors do on your webstore. This is usually shown in a dashboard in the management-environment.

Clients (loyalty)

Obvious data is that of your own client database and order history. You already have this data and can easily use it for a loyalty-campaign. This data shows which products sell the best and what the average amount of time is a customer spends on your webstore, in which period your webstore had the most visitors and which product they visited most, at which times they came and from which countries, which languages they speak etc. This information is easily overlooked. A shame! This information is easy to acquire and very usable. For example, you might think about adding translations to your website if you notice that more than half of your customers speak a certain language or are from a certain region. This can boost sales immensely.


There is much more data to acquire on your webstore. You can use add-ons and plugins. These acquire data which you can use to decide prices for your items. You can, for example, offer two competing products and experiment with the prices. You’ll be able to see which of them are too cheap or too expensive. These plugins help by providing more statistics which you normally wouldn’t have, but which do help decide prices in such a way they attract more visitors.

Add-ons and Plugins

There are add-ons and plugins with very nice functions, that, besides these functions, acquire interesting data about visitors. Some plugins are only meant to acquire data. Think of Hotjar, that shows you where people go with their mouse, what are the hotspots on a page and which buttons are most often used. This gives great insight to adjust the page.


The services form Google are designated to get to know its users. How nice is it to use this data, as a webstore owner, to attract more visitors and monitor them and eventual bottlenecks on your webstore, so you can tackle them? Besides, you can bundle all this information and create reports. This way, you can see how your business runs in a blink of an eye.


Nowadays, almost all webstore platforms provide an integration with Analytics. If not, there is always a plugin available, or maybe your developer or webstore designer can add an integration via the source code of the webstore. #noexcuses. With Analytics, you can acquire more information about your visitors.

Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager can, just as Analytics, be utilized to attract more visitors to your webstore. You’ll have to make a choice between Analytics or Tag Manager during the installation on the webstore. We advise to preferably use Tag Manager. Why? Tag Manager is sort of a collective platform that links and exchanges data from Google Services and other integrations. With specific ‘tags’ and ‘triggers’ you can create focussed advertisements and show these to specific target audiences. You can also set certain opt-ins based on scroll depth or time visitors spend on your webstore. The possibilities are endless.

Google Search Console

With Google Search Console, you can find out how well your webstore is found on the internet. Based on this data you can optimize your webstore to acquire more visitors.

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