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Sell ​​Pricesearch to your customers and receive an attractive referral commission. 

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For agencies, consultants and specialists

The Pricesearch Partner Program is for (online) marketing agencies, web development agencies, (freelance) consultants or other companies and freelance specialists who work for organizations that are active in the e-commerce and / or retail industry.

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Attractive referral commissions

As a Pricesearch Partner, you receive a referral commission for every customer that you referred to us and that subscribes to Pricesearch. The commissions are transferred to you quarterly. The following scale applies here.

The conditions of the Pricesearch Partner Program are simple and transparent. You receive the referral commission at the agreed time and there are no obligations.

Grow with Pricesearch

As a Pricesearch partner you can create a free 14-day trial account for your customers. As soon as they convert the trial subscription into a paid account you will receive a referral commission each month that they are active. You don’t have to do anything else for this; we provide onboarding and support to your end customer.

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How it works & what you will get

Complete the application form so that we can contact you. We plan a telephone call, video call or visit to discuss your request. With a successful registration we will set up your account for you within 3 working days and you can get started with creating accounts for your customers.

Free demo

Get a free demo account to use Pricesearch and train you.

Marketing support

Work with our marketing team to generate more leads for yourself and Pricesearch.

Online training

Register for our annual online training for partners.

Sales collateral

Receive whitepapers, brochures and presentations in your corporate identity.

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In an online demo of 20 – 30 minutes we explain everything about the Pricesearch Partner Program. Register here for the online demo, then we will contact you.

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