Manage multiple webshops and categories with Pricesearch Suite

Pricesearch Suite allows you to manage multiple accounts under one login.


Everything you need to track prices from competitors.

Pricesearch Suite is developed for: 

Multi-domain webshops

Do you have web shops on multiple domain names? Create a separate sub-account for each domain and switch between the accounts with 2 clicks.

Category managers

Does your team have a number of dedicated category managers and do you want to give them a separate sub-account? Use Pricesearch Suite!

How to use Pricesearch Suite

Anyone with a Pricesearch account can use the Pricesearch Suite. Log in to your Pricesearch account and go to “Suite” in the menu. You can create as many sub-accounts as you want here. For each sub-account you indicate which colleague (s) should have access. That’s it!

The Pricesearch Suite is a multi-tenant environment where you as a manager give your product, category and brand managers access to their own account. Add as many users as you want.
What about features? Simple: with Pricesearch Suite you always have access to all Pricesearch functions such as price monitoring or dynamic pricing. You can determine the settings per sub-account.

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