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Pricesearch makes it easy to monitor prices of your dealers, resellers and competitors. Take a free test drive.


Everything you need to track prices from competitors.

With Pricesearch, you always know what’s going on in your market.


Monitor your competitors

Keep your competitor in the picture without spending time on it. Let our software do the heavy lifting of tracking prices.

Keep track of changes in the market

Know exactly what is happening in the market and keep an eye on prices on webshops and marketplaces.


Focus on your customers

Free up time for activities that bring you the most value and cannot be automated, such as building relationships with your customers and partners.

Stop guessing, start relying on data

With Pricesearch you no longer have to guess what the right price is. Base yourself on real-time data from the market and increase your sales opportunities.

Need multiple accounts?
Discover Pricesearch Suite.

With Pricesearch Suite, you can easily create an account for every webshop, brand, domain or category. Create as many Suites as you like and give your team members access to their own Suite, whether it's for a specific brand, category or webshop. 

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