API for eCommerce platforms

Pricesearch has API’s for all standard ecommerce platforms. If we don’t have it for yours, we’ll create it. It’s included.

Ecommerce API’s

Pricesearch can be integrated directly to your webshop or ERP application with the aid of a REST API. A standard API with which real-time data can be exchanged with Pricesearch (in both directions) is available for many commonly-used software applications. Virtually all the fields can be synchronised automatically via the API integration. This means you will no longer have to worry about the current status of your products in Pricesearch. If you wish, after activating ‘dynamic pricing’ the calculated optimum sales price can be adjusted immediately in your webshop or ERP application.

Configuration of Pricesearch

Installing Pricesearch is easy and often involves nothing more than setting the user name and the API-key. Our support team will be happy to organise everything for you. If your software package is not on our list, contact us. Together we will find a suitable solution. If you want to integrate Pricesearch to an application you developed in-house, we have a general API with extensive API-documentation available for your developer. In most cases your developer can set to work alone. Our support team is available if needed.

We have API’s for Lightspeed, Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify and more.

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