7 tips how to use our Software.

January 20, 2020

7 Tips hoe je het best gebruik kan maken van onze Software.

7 Tips on how you can best use our Software.

To make sure you can take full advantage of the Pricesearch software I have written a number of tips for you. This is a great checklist so you always know how to use our software optimally.

1. The complete and correct settings of your account details.

It may seem needless to say, but the account details are often forgotten or incomplete. If you want to create an account, you will be asked to enter the following information:

Blog Gratis account aanmaken

Then make sure you enter the correct information here. This ensures that we can help you easier and faster. When you have created a free account you will have the option to enter more details as shown below:

Blog Product informatie toevoegen

Enter this information as completely as possible.

2. Import products.

When you have entered all your details in the correct way, it is time to import your products. To speed up the import of all your products, we use a CSV import. With this you put all your products (that you want to have scanned) in a CSV file and you import all products directly to your Pricesearch account. In the image below (shown when you click on “import products”) you can download the sample file, so you know exactly what to enter where.

Blog Import products

When the preview has been downloaded you will see the following columns that must be filled in:

Blog Import csv bestand

For your convenience, I will go through the columns 1 by 1, so that you know exactly what to enter:

This is where you enter the name of the product.

Here you enter the EAN code of the product. (if the product has this code)

Here you enter the code that you or the manufacturer give to the product.

Here you enter the selling price of your product.

Here you enter the cost price of the product VAT.  Excluded.

Yes or No if you want to receive an email notification with price changes.

Here you enter the category that the product falls under.

Here you enter the brand that the product falls under.

By completing the product import as completely as possible, we can find the price of your webshop easier and faster and compare it to your competitors.

3. Add from other provider.

Now that all your products have been added the correct way, we are going to look at the competitors you want to keep an eye on. If you already have a list of competitors in mind, you can add it under the ‘Providers’ tab. Then click on “Add new webshop” here you can add your competitors. When you have clicked on this you will see the following information that must be entered:

Blog competitors

Here too it is important that all fields are filled in correctly. To help you with this, we’ll go through every field together:

Here you enter the website URL of the competitor. E.g. Bol.com or Amazon.com.

Here you enter the company name of your competitor.

Here you will find in which currency the products are offered on the relevant site.

This will state whether the prices include or exclude VAT.

Here you will find the shipping costs. (when these are visible)

Enter “Yes” or “No” here to add the shipping costs to your price.

When all these fields are filled in, click on “Add” and we will immediately start crawling the website. Do this for every competitor you have on your vision.

4. More competitors are following than the ones you entered yourself.

Do you want your products to be monitored by all providers? Then Pricesearch has good news for you! It is not only possible to follow the competitors that you have added yourself, but you can also let Pricesearch find new competitors for you. This is done through AutoMatch. With this, Pricesearch searches for similar products by using the characteristics that you have given yourself when importing your products.

In addition, you can switch on “Marketplaces”, so that Pricesearch can also collect products from Google Shopping. To use this, you must set both buttons to “On”. Like the image below:

Blog AutoMatch

When both are set to ‘On’ you can save the settings. Pricesearch then immediately goes to work to find new providers for you.

5. Your prices constantly adjusted to market changes.

Pricesearch has developed “Dynamic Pricing” to save you a lot of time. This allows you to decide and enter what percentage difference you want to have per product / product group with one or more providers. To use this, you must add rules to the products. Below you can see how adding such a rule works:

Blog Dynamic Pricing
To ensure that you go through this as quickly and easily as possible, we help you again by completing the fields:

Dynamic Price name: Here you enter the name of the rule. (Give a clear name to the rule so that you can easily find it again)

Apply this rule to products in category all products that belong to the same category: (you entered the category when importing your products)

Apply this rule to products with brand all products that fall under the same brand: (you entered the brand when importing your products)

My price is…% or € lower / higher / highest than the lowest / median / mode / competitor provider and will be rounded to ..

Activate minimum margin: (Add minimum margin yes or no) Ensures that you never offer products below your own cost price.

Minimum margin of the cost price: (what percentage do you want to stay above your cost price?)

Position how important the rule is: How important is this rule? For the most important rule you enter a 1. For the second most important rule you enter a 2 and so on.

Then click save to make the rule take effect.

6. Receive price changes via email whenever you want.

Everyone has a specific moment of the day when he or she checks their email. Since this varies per individual, you can select 4 different options per day on which you want to receive the e-mail with price changes. You can adjust this to your ideal times by clicking on “My account” and then on “Notification settings”. Once you have done this you will get the following image:

Blog notifications

Here you can change the email address that the price changes are sent to. Further down are four fields where you can manually enter the times that you want to receive the emails.

7. Automatically import and adjust products.

Pricesearch offers you, as a customer, an extra opportunity to automate everything. As a result, new products are automatically imported to the software and price changes are immediately implemented into your webshop. Do you want to import products to Pricesearch automatically? Then click on “AutoMatch” and then on “Feed settings” here you will see the following fields that must be filled in:

Blog feed1
To help you through this again I will explain per field what needs to be entered. Select feed type: select here whether it is a Google shopping feed or not.
Enter your Feed URL here: Enter the URL of your website feed (XML) here.
Select time: Enter here the 4 times per day when we have to update the products

When this is completely correct, click on ‘Save settings’. Then we click on “API”. Here you have two options: “Connect your webshop with Pricesearch” & “Api Key”. First we look at “connect your webshop with Pricesearch. Again you will be asked to fill in the fields. With the API it is necessary that these fields are filled in completely. Below you can see the fields that you see while setting up the API :

Blog feed webshop

Select your webshop software: Which software does your webshop run on? API Key: The API key of your webshop can be obtained via the software used. API secret Key: The secret API key of your webshop can be obtained via the software used. Times for importing your data: When do you want us to import your data? When this is completely filled in, click on “Save settings” and click on “Api Key”. Here you will find the Api username and key from our software. Create this and put it on your own website, so that the software and your webshop are connected to each other. Now that you know all this, you can fully use the Pricesearch tool what it was created for. Are you ready to have your products scanned by us? Try it now for free for 14 days. Do you have any questions about Pricesearch? You can contact us here.