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We promise you to save you time, by providing easy to use software for monitoring your competitors. 


Price tracker

Track the prices of your competitors and keep track of price changes.

Dynamic pricing

Automatically adjust your prices, based on the prices in the market.

Marketplace monitoring

Keep track of sellers on marketplaces like Amazon, Idealo and 

Always know your competitors’ prices

Our price tracker will search for the prices the competitors that you want to monitor. It is perfect for webshop owners and brand managers who want to save time.


Automatically adjust your prices

Dynamic pricing helps you automatically adjust your prices to the prices in the market. With our integrations that’s a piece of cake. Just define your pricing rules and let Pricesearch do the rest.

Know what’s going on at the marketplaces

The marketplace comparison feature keeps track of the prices on marketplaces such as Amazon, and Google Shopping. All prices, reviews and stock information in one dashboard. 

marketplace comparison


per week save


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Pricesearch is built for you.

Work smarter, do more in less time. Discover how Pricesearch makes you more productive and how it helps you get the most out of your workday.

online retailers

Online retailers & Webshops

Automatically monitor the prices of other webshops without the hassle of Excel sheets and manual work. 

retailers and wholesalers


Have accurate insight into the prices in your market and know exactly what price you can ask for your products.

brand managers

Brand managers

Know exactly what prices your dealers and resellers ask for your products and monitor your brand.

Plug & Play integration with your webshop

Have your prices updated automatically in your webshop and synchronize your assortment with Pricesearch. You can start immediately with the integration of Pricesearch.

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Personal support

Even though we are busy with code for large parts of the day, we also speak human language. Our team consists of experienced ecommerce specialists, together with talented developers who like to make it easy for you. Can’t figure out something yourself? Reach out to our team!

What to expect? 

After you have created an account, our bots will start monitoring your competitors, marketplaces and / or resellers. Most of this is automated, but we often have to set manual parameters. You can expect a properly functioning system within 3 – 5 working days.

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