Pricesearch ‘Price Tracking Software

January 9, 2020


Because the month of January is all about the Pricesearch software, it is easy to first get acquainted with the Pricesearch software. Pricesearch has designed a price tracker software, so that Pricesearch customers can easily and quickly see the prices of all competitors.

What is a price tracker software?

With a price tracker you can easily find out the prices of competitors. By entering the EAN codes of your products, the internet is automatically scanned looking for suppliers of the same products and what prices they charge. That way you can easily map out the prices of competitors and, because you immediately receive the URLs, you can immediately find out their SEO strategy.

A price tracker therefore takes away a lot of work in the search for prices of competitors. Just like outsourcing, for example, the expedition, this means that you spend less time on “production” and can invest more time in strategy, optimization and growth.

Features of the Pricesearch software.

Pricesearch has built its price tracking software in a tool, so that customers can easily and quickly see the prices of all competitors. But it doesn’t end here. This way the customer can not only view the prices, but the Pricesearch tool offers many more features:

With Dynamic Pricing, the customer sets price rules himself, so that we can update the prices in your webshop automatically, based on your price rules. In this way you setup your pricing policy and adjust your product prices on automatic pilot.

To take all the trouble out of your hands, Pricesearch has set up an API so that the customer can link her webshop to the Pricesearch tool. This API in combination with Dynamic Pricing ensures that you no longer have to look back and always sell your products for the best price.

Through this AI, the Pricesearch software recognizes products based on images. The software has an accuracy of 98%. Pricesearch has developed it, so that Pricesearch can follow every product in this way in the future.

With the Marketplace comparator, customers can gain insights into major marketplaces such as: Google Shopping, and Amazon. In this way the customer learns prices from competitors that the customer did not know before.

Through our smart notification, the customer receives the current prices from the competitors that the customer wants to keep an eye on. These notifications can be adjusted entirely to the wishes of the customer. This way the customer receives an e-mail with the price changes exactly when he / she wants.

Want to know more than just the prices of the competitors? With the stock analysis of Pricesearch, the stock positions of your competitors become visible, provided they are visible. This makes it even easier to determine what you do with your prices.

Price packages.

Because not every webshop is the same size and has the same number of competitors, Pricesearch has put together different price packages, so that the right package can be found for every webshop. Pricesearch has 4 different price packages: Starter, Standard, Plus and Professional. Is your ideal package not listed? That is no problem, it is always possible to take a customized package. This package has been designed entirely to your wishes.

Contact with Pricesearch?

Interested in the Pricesearch software? Contact us without obligation and try our software for the first 14 days for free! Do you have an idea or an extra addition to make the software even better? We would also like to know this.