7 psychological secrets for more revenue

by | Dec 4, 2018 | Pricing strategy, Webstore

Generating revenue isn’t the same as offering the best quality for the lowest price. It’s about inspiring people to buy a product. It often just takes that little extra push in the right direction.


We people find it worse to miss / lose something than to let something new pass us by. Tell people what they are missing out on when they do not buy at your web store. Do not push a poster in someone’s face with ‘new’ or ‘20% discount’. Instead, place a banner on your web store with: ‘last chance of a 20% discount on [PRODUCT]!’ Or: ‘Only two days 50% discount on [PRODUCT]’.

By stating a deadline, you encourage people to think about it now. 20% discount without deadline lets someone think: ‘nice, I’ll look at it tomorrow when I have time’. If someone reads the discount is still valid for only one day, he thinks: ‘I have to look at

what I need now’. Especially if someone has the idea he will really miss something. And there you are, you have more sales in your web store.


We like to be able to identify with a brand or a specific product. It helps to use realistic images or photography on a web store. Think of diet adverts from a few years ago. It is not really credible that a super-slim model recommends a product t achieve the same result as her body. Someone with a bit of a chubby body, on the other hand, is already a lot more credible. The same applies to clothing, not everyone has a size 34, and thus not everyone is going to buy those clothes. It can therefore work to your advantage to show a more realistic end result of

certain products on your web store. People will relate more to your web store and buy more, which will give you more revenue.

The guy from ‘Science-based Six Pack’ is incredibly packed. Yet the result of his dieting product is credible, because he is open about the stretch marks on his body from when he was still chubby. In addition, he does not claim to have achieved this result within one month, but backs it with science.


As soon as you involve your consumers with your web store, they will identify themselves more quickly with your web store and feel better connected you’re your brands. This results in them coming back more often, which provide you with better revenue

on the long term. You can achieve this in different ways. People are mainly looking for recognition, they want to be seen and heard. You can create many possibilities in which you address your potential customers on your web store:

  • Opt-ins for newsletters;
  • Questionnaires;
  • Creative process, coming up with new products / names / features etc;
  • ‘Personal’ discount codes;
  • Interaction via a chat widget;
  • Social media.

Another important element is your communication on your web store. This will not be equally relevant to everyone, but it can help to spread a certain message. Apple does not say that they make the best computers or phones. They say they make innovative products that challenge the status quo. People like this and therefore buy the products from Apple. Apple does’nt have more sales and a more stable base than their competitors for no reason. Such a simple message already generates more turnover. Please note that this must not only be a message, but must also result in concrete actions on your part. Nobody puts a tattoo of the car brand Volvo. People do tattoo the Harley Davidson logo on their backs. Harley Davidson does not sell the best motorbikes, they sell freedom and camaraderie. And that is why people buy their bikes.

People do not buy a Porsche because it is better than an expensive Audi, but because a Porsche has more status. Expensive cars can easily be sold cheaper, but then they no longer have any status. People buy these cars precisely because they are expensive. Good for the dealer, more revenue just because people want to give more for a car.

Do you know Berlioz tailored shoes? They’re a Dutch shoemaker. They sell unbelievably expensive shoes. But if you have shoes from Berlioz, you belong to the elite.

Reward loyalty

Reward your loyal customers. For example, as soon as someone has spent €1,000 on your web store, give a nice present. There are countless possibilities.

Here are some ideas.

  • Free gifts;
  • Free Shipping;
  • Free content (Blogs, whitepapers, ebooks, videos);
  • Discounts, vouchers / coupons;
  • Exclusive sales and special promotions;
  • Points / saving system.

Your customer will appreciate this and come back. After all, new purchases from the same customers are also more turnover.


You can use scarcity, for example: ‘1 item in stock!’ Or like booking.com: ‘there is 1 other user looking at this room!’
Or countdown deals: ‘you still have 9 hours, 3 minutes and 5 seconds to score this deal’. Or discount codes with an end date. In this way, you trigger someone not to delay them, but to make use of the offer now.

Via sovendus.nl, you can get free discount vouchers for many different web stores. Every so often you receive an e-mail and you can choose three vouchers from many webstores. These are vouchers for Swarovski, Yves Rocher, Chanel etc. You have to use them within a certain time on those web stores. Smart, because you want that discount and if you choose those vouchers, you better spend them immediately or time runs out. The funny thing is, it is usually a useless purchase, but it feels like you have saved money, so you wait impatiently for the next email with free vouchers.

Peer pressure

We people take the opinions of others (secretly) very seriously. With reviews, you can push your clients to make a purchase on your web store, provided these reviews are positive. This way you can easily generate more sales. In addition, you can use recommendations: “9 out of 10 readers recommend this to her friends” or “my skin feels 10 years younger”. Displaying reviews via a widget on the website is also an option: tripadvisor, a star-rank system, kiyoh, etc. A better customer journey on your website also results in more turnover. Often there is already a useful function in the web builder that allows people to easily leave a review on your web store.

Reduce dilemma stress

Choose a quiet environment, set up your web store for a great customer journey. Eliminate possible threats, so that your consumer does not drop out. Keep it simple. There is often a whole psychology behind this. For example, many companies opt for a blue house style because it radiates tranquillity. Contrary, creative organizations use a lot of bright colors where pink, green and yellow are very popular. This is nice and cheerful. In addition, you can choose between thick or thin lines on your web store, make use of sharp corners in your elements or just round corners etc. There is no guideline for this. These are all choices you have to make, that will make your web store beautiful and encourage your website visitors to make a purchase, so again more sales.

If you don’t know how, ask a professional. There are many people who have studied the psychology of colors and can help you design not a good, but a great website.

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