Price Tracker for CCV Shop

Pricesearch tracks the prices of your competitors and synchronizes data to your CCV Shop webshop. With Dynamic Pricing, the prices in your CCV Shop shop are automatically updated.

Automated price adjustments

Always have the right price in your CCV Shop webshop thanks to the CCV Shop repricer.

Price monitor

With 4 updates per day, you always have actual insight into your competitor’s prices.

Ready to use in 5 minutes

Thanks to the ready-made CCV Shop integration, you can get started right away.

Your pricing strategy on autopilot

Tired of making price adjustments manually? With Dynamic Pricing, also known as repricing, the prices in your CCV Shop webshop are automatically updated. Set the minimum margin, create pricing rules and Pricesearch will do the rest.

Sell more and increase your profit margins

With Pricesearch you know exactly what the best selling price is and you never have to guess again. It removes the risk of human error and ensures that your margin is always optimal, even if the competition is sold out or increases prices.

Get started with Pricesearch today

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