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How do your competitors’ prices move? Difficult to follow?
Pricesearch shows you the complete market for your webshop.

Increase your sales opportunities by optimizing price and margin

Customers order en masse via webshops. Convenience and price transparency are often the reason for this. As a web shop owner you have probably spent a lot of time on your product details and on the simplicity of the ordering process. But what about your pricing?

Are your prices always up to date?

The enormous range of products and the many possibilities for customers to search for the optimal price-performance ratio make your pricing policy increasingly complex. If you are too expensive, you will probably lose more and more turnover. Too low prices start a downward spiral and strongly affect your margin. In the end, you’re probably aiming for a maximum margin that still offers optimal sales opportunities.

What is the current market price?

In order to achieve an optimal selling price, you need to see the prices that other suppliers charge for the same or a similar product. Periodically taking a sample is a first step. However, this will take a lot of time and there is a chance that your check will be incomplete or soon outdated. At that moment Pricesearch can come to your aid. Our system automatically checks other suppliers of products from your range and calculates the price differences. At a glance it becomes clear where you might be too high and where extra margin is left.

How does it work?

Open an account at Pricesearch and enter your EAN numbers or your own product numbers. It is even easier to import an Excel file. That’s all you need. Pricesearch will then start working for you right away. First of all, Pricesearch will look up the prices you use yourself. Then the system searches four times a day for other suppliers of your products. The found prices are placed next to each other with the names of the suppliers, so you can immediately judge how they relate to your own price. Even easier: Pricesearch ensures that you receive an Excel file in your mailbox every Monday morning, so that you can start the week completely up-to-date. In an overview you can see how your assortment looks in terms of pricing.

Too good to be true?

Start today and maximize your margins without reducing your sales opportunities through non-competitive sales prices. The discussions with suppliers also become much easier because you can prove price deviations very well.

Unique in the price comparison market!

Absolutely unique in the market is that Pricesearch also includes non-identical but comparable products of competitors in the comparison. For this, the system uses an advanced algorithm. Even differences in packaging units are taken into account for a correct price comparison.

Want to use dynamic pricing?

Once you use Pricesearch, you get an optimal feeling for movements in the market.  The price position of your product range no longer comes as a surprise to you. It might be time for the next step: set your cost price and minimum margin and Pricesearch will continuously calculate the optimal price for you.

System integration with an API

An API (application programming interface) can ensure that prices are exchanged with your webshop or ERP system in real time. This opens up a new world in which you can easily find the balance between the maximum sales opportunities and the highest achievable margin.

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