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Is monitoring the market taking to much time? Or just want to automate your pricing? Pricesearch is the solution you waited for.

Every webstore needs it: a price tracking software. It enables you to keep up with the market and employ smart strategies. Price tracking tools can automate your pricing process and give you an edge in acquiring and analyzing data.

You might already be an active researcher. Are you monitoring your competition manually? Stop it! You can monitor them without doing a thing with competitor price tracking software.

Or you’re a webstore owner and you just want to run your webstore? Why would you want to make things complicated by monitoring the market, researching your competitors, etc? We understand that running your webstore asks enough of your time and energy. A price tracking software can save you time and make you money!

What does a price tracking software do for you?

A price tracking software has 3 main benefits. It allows you to acquire and analyse the prices from your competitors without you doing anything. This gives you insight in where you stand with your prices. Are you too expensive or too cheap?

It enables you to automate your pricing. Just enter a limit and the price tracking software will adjust your prices to the market, without going lower than the limit you set. Is the market price going up? So is your price. Are your competitors cheaper? You’re prices will adjust accordingly. All without any effort;

It provides important data. You may find suppliers that are cheaper than the one you have now. The data may show that there is no ‘exclusive brand’ for some of the items in your webstore. You might want to fill that position. The data a price tracking software acquires might prove useful for coming up with new strategies.

Imagine the time you’d save if your prices would run automatically. Imagine the increase in sales if you know you’re the absolute cheapest, or the most exclusive brand on the market. Imagine how much you’d safe on an item if you can find cheaper suppliers.
Isn’t it just extra work with extra software?
Well, you do need to initially add the items you want to track on the internet. You can add these items manually, which takes a minute, or you could just import a datasheet from your webshop. Once you’ve added an item, the price tracking software does the rest. It requires minimal effort from you. You just initiate the item you want to track. The price tracking software automatically scrapes the internet looking for products with the same EAN/GTIN. You can also search for substitutes.

You can try Pricesearch for free for 14 days. Just try it out. Enter a few items you sell in your webstore and find out for yourself. You can create a free account and within a day you’ll now how you’re doing with your prices. We also got a great customer service, so if you need any help, feel free to contact us!

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