The Price tracker you need!

Researching the market to determine the right price takes up a lot of time and energy. A price tracker does it in seconds!

The price tracker you need!

Running a web store can be a lot of work. The more items you have, the more research you need to do to determine the right price. Once you grow bigger, you’ll need to adopt a clear strategy and start to actively compete on the market. How do you keep up? With a price tracker!

A price tracker is your new PA

Who doesn’t want a personal assistant? One that brings you coffee and gets your prints for you. A price tracker isn’t that kind of personal assistant! A price tracker is an even better personal assistant.

When you started your webstore (or if you’re about to start one), you remember all those hours of surfing the internet, reading reports, doing courses and skimming articles about how to determine the best price for each product. A competitor analysis takes a lot of time, energy, coffee and sleep loss. Annoying right? Well, a price tracker saves you a lot of time and a whole lot of work.

With a price tracker, such as pricesearch, you can run an automated price check of all providers of that specific product AND equivalent substitutes. But, a price tracker does even more than just a price check. Or at least, it should. First of all is the competitor analysis.

Pricesearch: the online price check

A price tracker does exactly that: it does a price check to determine the best price. When initiating the competitor analysis, you determine what data you want to monitor. Enter an EAN or your own product number, and the price tracker gives you periodic updates about price fluctuations and suggests the best price.

The competitor analysis is done via a complicated algorithm that automatically acquires relevant data about the products you request. The price check does not just provide information from your competitors, but also from the market as a whole, by including substitutes.

Another reason a price check is important, is because new competitors enter the market every day. You can’t monitor all of them, but with the price tracker, an automatic competitor analysis is super easy.


Competitive pricing, but automated

Besides the competitor analysis, a price tracker should enable you to automatically integrate competitive pricing via an API. What good does the data from the competitor analysis do, if you can’t adequately implement it in a competitive pricing strategy. With Pricesearch, you can automatically change the prices of your webshop according to the competitor analysis. This way, competitive pricing is automated and you don’t have to worry about making mistakes, you always have the best price!

If you do, for whatever reason, want to price your products differently, you can. You can use the automated competitor analysis, the price tracker gives you a few times a day, to gain insight according to what you want. The price tracker, if integrated to your webshop, will determine the best competitive pricing for your products and update the best price accordingly. So not just a price check of your competitors, but also a price check for your webshop. But if you, after analysing the data, or because you want to promote a product or whatever reasons you have, want to change a price, you can.

The price tracker does not stop you from running your webshop, you’re still the boss. The price tracker is merely the tool for a price check that runs a competitor analysis to implement competitive pricing into your webshop, so you have the best price without even doing anything.

In short

The price tracker runs a price check that results in a competitor analysis. The data from this price check can be utilized in several ways. The price check usually gives insight in what the best price is for a specific product. The data from this price check can also be integrated into your webshop with an API. That way, the best price according to the price check is automatically updated on your webshop.

Competitive pricing is, with such a price check, incredibly easy. The best price is updated automatically and it doesn’t cost any time or effort.

That’s why Pricesearch is the price tracker you need.


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