Brand managers

Are you responsible for one or more of your company’s brands? With Pricesearch you will always know all the market prices.

Thè solution for brand managers

If you, as a brand manager, are responsible for one or more brands within your company, Pricesearch can help you maintain an overview of the prices your competitors are charging. This will give you an optimal insight into market price fluctuations. A clear dashboard shows you at a glance where you may be too expensive and where you can improve your margin.

Even easier: with Pricesearch you receive an Excel file in your mailbox every Monday morning, so you can start the week completely up-to-date. An overview shows you the position of your brand(s) in terms of pricing.

Too good to be true?

Start today and, from now on, you will be fully prepared for discussions with your purchasing manager, sales department colleagues, customers and competitors.

How does it work?

Open an account with Pricesearch and enter your EAN numbers or your own product numbers. Importing an Excel file is even easier. That’s it. That’s all you need to do. Pricesearch starts working for you immediately. First, Pricesearch finds the prices you are using. Then, four times a day, the system searches out other providers of the same products. The prices found, along with the name of the companies offering those prices, are displayed alongside each other so you can see immediately how they compare to your own price.

Unique in the price comparison market

What makes Pricesearch absolutely unique in the market, is that it includes and compares not only competitive products that are identical, but also products that are equivalent. The system uses an advanced algorithm in order to acquire data regarding equivalent substitutes of your products. Even differences in packing units are included.

Add dynamic pricing?

Using Pricesearch gives you an optimal sensitivity for market fluctuations. The price position of your brand(s) is no longer a surprise for you. Now is the time to take the next step: specify your cost price and minimum margin and Pricesearch will continuously calculate the best price-option for you.

System integration with an API

An API, an ‘application programming interface’, which is basically an interactive link, can ensure the real-time exchange of prices with your webshop or ERP system. This will unlock a new world in which you can easily find the balance between maximum sales potential and the highest achievable margin.

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Pricesearch shows the prices your competitors use and it enables you to fully automate your pricing. Fully automated, no hussle. Try it for free now and see for yourself.

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